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The home of the Iron Rooster
I have just uploaded all of the photos from the [FAT] 2008 show at the Starkers! Facebook Fan Page

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Starkers! will be on the runway at 8:00 (or so) Don't be late!

[FAT] website


The Rage (13 Kensington Ave)
Magpie (884 Queen St. West)
Lounge (155 John St.)
$20 @ the door
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Just got back from Babes in Underpants! Loads of cruelty-free vendors, like PlastikWrap, Futurstate, Purrfect Pneapples and my new favorite Sick on Sin, with great clothes and accessories - and best of all, 'babes in inderpants' serving cookies, cupcakes and other treats :D

I picked up this in green and this in a kids size in black for Fred, and some cute little barrettes for Iz.
ravensee was spinning some great music too (I hope A is feeling better tonight!)

An old friend from Peterborough popped in as well, I think he used to work for PlastikWrap. He informed me that we have known each other for over 20 years - I can't believe I'm that old! He's looking great, despite being an old fogey like myself. He also has a daughter who is turning 3.

I came home to Mike having just finished tearing out the paneling on the third basement wall, so we will start drywalling that tonight after Iz goes to bed. It's all looking good so far! I do hope it won't take too long to sort it all out, my sewing area is even more squished than it usually is. It will be so worth it though!

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Again, we are clearing out some corsets that have been used for display in the studio to make room for new display models. This is an auction for the actual corset in the photo, this is not for one of our custom corsets.

Perfect for your Elizabethan Halloween Costume!

::This Way To The Auction::

About the Elizabeth Corset style
The Elizabeth corset is based on the bodice style worn by the ladies of Queen Elizabeth's court during the 16th century. This corset has a very low, flat front with a hidden busk. Tabs all around the bottom of the corset with 2 sets of grommets on either side to tie on a petticoat. Decorative lacing displayed on either side of the back lacing. Shown in wine brocade.

About this Elizabeth Corset
This "Elizabeth" corset is made with a wine-burgandy brocade with floral print. It is lined in a black denim and a coutil inner layer with 26 steel bones (both spiral and flat) as well as a traditional busk closure that is hidden under the front flap. This corset has a row of decorative black grommets at the sides of the back, as well as 7 yards of new 1/2" ribbon lacing in the center back and a matching modesty panel (back protector) under the laces.

This corset has been worn for two fashion shows, and two photo shoots by photographers Steven Lungley (photos below) and Zaiden. It has been on display in our studio since 2001. It is in excellent condition and shows little to no signs of wear.

This very corset is shown on our website www.starkers.com

Sells for $415 US new!

*Bust: 29" (will fit 29" - 36")
Waist: 23.5" (will fit 23.5" - 28.5")
Hips: 28.5" (will fit 28.5" - 33.5")
Waist to bottom (front) 6"
Waist to underarm 8"
Front length total: 14"
*The bust of the corset is designed to compress the bust and allow it to puff out at the top of the corset.


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Again, we are clearing out some corsets that have been used for display in the studio to make room for new display models. This Edwardian corset is made with Chinese silk brocade print in a gorgeous shade of emerald with gold dragons. Lined in black cotton denim and coutil inner layer, this corset contains 26 bones, both spiral and flat steel, as well as a traditional busk closure. This Edwardian corset has silver grommets and 7 yards of emerald green 1/2" wide ribbon laces, there is no modesty panel. It has been worn once for one photo shoot with Hans Lichtenberg and has been a display model in our studio since 2002. This corset is in excellent condition and shows no sign of wear.

This very corset is shown on our website www.starkers.com

Sells for $438 US new!

The Edwardian corset sits under the bust and comes down over the hips, giving a traditional "S" curve. Measurements:
Ribs: 25.25" (will fit 25.25" - 30")
Waist: 22.5" (will fit 22.5" - 37.5")
Hips: 30" (will fit 30" - 35")
Waist to bottom (front) 6.25"
Waist to center top (front) 5.75"
Front length total: 12"
Please contact us if there are any other measurements you would like, or if you have any questions about the corset, or this auction: dianna@starkers.com

These are photos of the actual corset for auction, although the photos show the corset slightly more blue than the emerald it actually is.

::This way to the auction::


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I finally caved and created a Starkers! Corsetry Facebook Group.

Go join!!


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Auction ends Friday!

This week for auction is a Belle corset in lilac satin with black lace overlay, black satin piping, ruched garters with flower detail *whew*

This Belle corset has been worn once for a photo shoot with Steven Lungley and has been on display in our studio for 6 years. This corset is in perfect condition.

Belle sits under the bust and extends down the hips on the sides to points that hold garters.

Would sell for $375 new

Closed measurements:
Ribs: 26.75" (Will fit 26.75" - 30.75")
Waist: 21.5" (will fit 21.5" - 26")
Hips: 32.5" (will fit 32.5" - 37")
Front length (busk): 11"

::Auction this way::

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Up for auction is a black dupione silk Gabrielle corset.

The Gabrielle corset curves over the bust for enhanced cleavage. This Gabrielle, in black dupione silk has been worn for only 5 minutes in one fashion show and is in perfect condition. It has been part of our studio display collection for 6 years, being only one of two corsets that features our special Dianna DiNoble black label. This corset has no modesty panel.

We will provide new corset lacing in the colour of your choice.

Closed corset measurements:
Bust: 33" approx B-C
Ribs: 29"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 34"
Waist to underarm: 9"
Waist to bottom (front) 6.5"
Waist to center top (front) 8.5"
Front length total: 15"

::This Way To The Auction!::


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Here it is!

Scan of the pictureCollapse )
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I have one lonely corset that desperately needs shooting ASAP! Please contact me if you are in the Toronto area and are interested. The corset fits roughly a 25" waist. Tattoos, and piercings a plus.


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The studio sale continues this week

This auction is for a Victorian corset in black with red dragon Chinese silk brocade with red laces. The Victorian corset sits just over the nipples and dips to a point at the bottom. This corset has been worn only for this photo shoot by Steven Lungley in 2002 and has been on display in our studio since then. It is in excellent condition.

Closed measurements
Bust: 30" (will fit 30" - 36")
Waist: 22" (will fit 22" - 27"
Hips: 31.5" (will fit 31.5" - 37.5")
Front length (busk) 14"
Waist to underarm: 7.5"

Please e-mail us if you would like any other measurements or info on this corset.

::This Way To The Auction::

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Here is a new pic of our Victoria corset from the wonderfully talented photographer Zaiden

edit: it's not a product shot of the corset, just a really cool picture that the corset happens to be in.
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Spring cleaning has come very late, or rather fall cleaning has come early ;) We are clearing out some corsets that have been used for display in the studio to make room for new display models. I have set up an ebay account as starkers_corsets and every week for the next little while, we will be auctioning off one of our display corsets.

The first one up for auction is the cherub print Edwardian that is shown on the opening page of the Starkers website and has been used in photo shoots with Hans Lichtenberg and Steven Lungley. It has also been featured in two Starkers! Fashion shows. This corset was made in 1998 and shows our old black label. It has no modesty panel and a mark on the lining from tape from a fashion show. Otherwise in excellent condition.
Closed corset measurements:
Ribs: 27"
Waist: 22.5"
Hips: 32.5"
Front length: 10.5"

::This way to the auction!::

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I have set up a Myspace page to post about Starkers! updates and specials.

:: Starkers Myspace ::


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I'm feeling posty today. And I'm too full to move my chocolate filled self up off the couch, so I feel like playing an lj game.

IP logging is off for a few days. Post anonymously and tell me a secret, something funny, or not so funny, or anything you feel like.

You can even post a silly word just for the heck of it.

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We bought a new digital camara around September with an extended warranty. January 4th we took it back to Futureshop because it just didn't turn on one afternoon. They said they would send it for repair and return it within 30-60 days. They called today, 4 days shy of 60 days to say that they wouldn't honor the warranty. They reported that it had gotten wet, that's why it stopped working.
We didn't get the damn thing wet. We took it outside, on a cold, clear day, then brought it back inside and it stopped working. Condensation possibly? I certainly don't think that constitutes "abuse". Even more strange, we called twice over the past 2 weeks and both times they said that it was in transit back to the store. Today they said that they weren't sending it back because it was damaged?!
I am livid and I don't quite know what to do about it. Their word against ours. We have no way to disprove that we abused the camara.

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Website promo.

Baby Toronto

It's a website with local resources for everything from classes and activities to clothes and child care.
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We at Starkers! Have just launched our line of babies clothing and shoes in our new shop

We offer soft soled baby shoes decorated with skulls and bats as well as striped dresses and p.v.c. pants!

Win a free pair of shoes!
Gift wrapping and gift certificates available
Wish list registry


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I was going through some of Izzy's old clothes and I was wondering if the Red Cross or another organization would be taking donations for the hurricane relief.

If not, what about local women's shelters?
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